RSF requirements

So, we managed to have RSS-stream onto a federated website, including images! Many improvements are in our checklist, but for now let's recap the requirements for any website wanting to join

We baptised this system RSF - Really Simple Federation

for any website

HTTPS enabled.

  • You can check with your hosting provider, normally you can buy a TLS certificate.
  • You could also be able to obtain this kind of certificate through your hosting provider web interface.
  • Or better, if you have access to your server command line, we recommend Let's Encrypt as nonprofit Certificate Authority providing TLS.

This step is necessary in order to be able to communicate in a secure manner among federated websites

for WordPress websites

WP is the technology running under the hood of ~40% of total world websites, thus is important to have a clear procedure to make this kind of website easily RSF-compatible!

Two steps are required. One optional step can be performed to widen the choice of content exposed with RSS feeds.

  1. upgrade&update your WP instance

  2. install the add image to feed plugin by Lesion.

There are a lot of plugins in the WP ecosystem to match this necessity, that is, to expose images and featured image to RSS. But often they have other requirements-dependencies, sometimes they are discontinued, they present many configuration options, and they are all more complicated than this one counting only 45 lines of clean PHP code, coded exactly for this purpose, and approved by


  1. create and customise RSS feed of any content of your website

a few possibilities:

3.1. Create RSS feed separated for category - NO coding

3.2. Create RSS feed separated for category - customised, coding capacity needed

3.3. DIY for create, customise WP RSS - customised, coding capacity needed

for grav websites

  1. upgrade&update your grav instance

  2. install&enable the grav plugin feeds and configure it as you prefer, here the one



  1. create and customise buttons for RSS feed following your specific theme